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It doesn’t matter if you’re anti Obama or part of the Bush Cheney lied crowd, millions of Americans have come to the “end of the road”.  They feel like they’re getting the “short end of the stick”.  Divisive politics is the rule of the day, politics is, as usual.  Election promises are quickly forgotten once the elite double tongued devils retreat to their inside the Beltway Washington DC lairs.

Are you an anti Obama right wing paranoid homophobic conspiracy theorist?  Or possibly an overeducated left wing socialist “progressive”.  Maybe you’re just a gutless middle of the road fence sitter who doesn’t have the courage to make a decision.  Feel agitated?  We feel your pain.  We care.  Research has proven it’s not good to keep so much toxic negativity bottled up inside.  We hope you’ll find our site and the products we offer beneficial for creative stress relief and a good laugh.  Remember, this IS a satire site, so a sense of humor is a must and our general comments need to be taken with a “grain of salt”.  I assure you however, the products are very real and we encourage you to max out your credit cards with purchases from us.  What did you expect from a bunch of greedy underemployed capitalist North Idaho entrepreneurs?

Website directions:  Liberals (Oops, err we mean progressives), check out products for the left, vast right wing conspiracy, y’all wanna check out products for the right.   Moderates flip a coin, repeat daily and purchase often.  Enjoy!

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